Austin Proulx


Austin Proulx’s Accomplishments
IDPA CDP marksman (2011)
IDPA CDP sharpshooter (2012)
IDPA CDP expert (2013)
IDPA CDP master (2014)
Member of the Wilson Combat Shooting Team (2014)
IDPA member
NRA member

Primary firearm
Wilson Combat CQB Elite .45 ACP

Major match results (IDPA)

2011 AR State: 2nd place (CDP marksman)
2011 CO State: 1st place (CDP marksman)
2011 IDPA World Championship: 11th place (CDP sharpshooter)
2012 CO State: 2nd place (CDP sharpshooter)
2013 CO State: 1st place (CDP expert)
2014 S&W Indoor Nationals: 4th place (CDP expert)
2014 CompTac Texas State Championship: 1st place (CDP expert, bumped to CDP master)
2014 IDPA National Championship: 3rd place CDP Master
2015 Smith and Wesson Indoor Nationals: 1st CDP Master

High Press:
2013 & 2014 S&W Indoor Nationals
2013 AZ State
2012 AZ South Mountain Showdown
2013 NM State Championship
2013 OK State Championship.
High junior:
2013 S&W Indoor Nationals
2013 Utah State match
2010/2011/2013 Colorado State match
2013 Oklahoma State match
2013 New Mexico State match
2014 CompTac Republic of Texas State match.

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