Wilson Combat Custom Gun Models


Since 1977, Wilson Combat has been known for the finest quality custom 1911 handguns and the Supergrade represents our highest level of craftsmanship. With every Wilson Combat Supergrade, our most experienced Master Pistolsmiths tune each pistol to a level of cosmetic and mechanical perfection unmatched in the firearms industry. If you are looking for a peerless family heirloom-look no further than a Wilson Combat Supergrade.

Classic Supergrade Tactical Supergrade Tactical Supergrade Professional Tactical Supergrade Compact

Full Size Guns

Wilson Combat Full Size Models have a full size grip frame and five inch barrel patterned after the original USGI 1911 pistol. We offer an array of models for defensive or target use alike and an extensive array of custom options. Our Full Size pistols have won countless championships and have served in every corner of the world.

Classic Classic Supergrade CQB CQB Elite CQB Tactical LE CQB Lightrail Lightweight Hunter Protector Spec Ops 9 Tactical Elite Tactical Supergrade Ultralight Carry X-TAC


Wilson Combat Professional Models have a full size grip frame and a compact four inch barrel, making a very concealable package without compromising magazine capacity. The Professional is an ideal choice for plainclothes or concealed carry where a larger grip is desired, but a smaller package is desirable.

CQB Lightrail Lightweight Professional Elite Professional Professional Professional Lightweight Tactical Professional Supergrade


Wilson Combat Compact Models have a reduced size grip frame and four inch slide. The Compact is the perfect choice for discreet or IWB concealed carry as the slide and grip have both been shortened over a full size 1911. A Wilson Combat Compact offers a unique blend of concealability and shootability over most other guns in its size range.

Bill Wilson Carry Pistol Carry Comp CQB Compact CQB Lightrail Lightweight Compact Stealth Tactical Supergrade Compact Ultralight Carry Compact X-TAC Compact


Wilson Combat Sentinel Models are built on our smallest chassis-the sub-compact slide and frame. The Sentinel is among the smallest custom 1911 pistols ever made and a potent, practical choice for small-statured shooters or when a deeper concealment piece is needed.

Ms. Sentinel Sentinel Super Sentinel Ultralight Carry Sentinel


Wilson Combat AR-15 Rifles have been built by us for over a decade out of the best parts, fitted by professional gunsmiths. Our rifles are known for relentless reliability, impressive accuracy and Wilson Combat innovations like the TRIM Rail system, Tactical Trigger Units, Accu-Tac flash hider and our precisely matched barrel and receiver sets. In a world full of black rifles we are among the originators of the purpose built, high-quality custom AR-15.

Recon Tactical Recon SR Tactical SBR Tactical Super Sniper SPR Tactical Lightweight


Wilson Combat Scatterguns have been tested across the globe in the harshest field and tactical conditions. Our custom conversions take a good fighting gun and make it into a great one. Our shotgun accessories are likewise well known for being the best of their kind anywhere.

Standard Border Patrol Professional Remington Steal