Wilson Combat Dealers

Wilson Combat offers several dealer discount programs to help you grow your business. To find out how your firearms and/or firearms accessory business can participate, contact our customer satisfaction representatives at:


Open Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5:30 PM CST (GMT -6).

Why Sell Wilson Combat?

Wilson Combat has built a reputation around extremely high quality parts and accessories for handguns, rifles and shotguns. Becoming a Wilson Combat dealer is one of the best opportunities for your business to reach higher income, serious shooters who often become repeat buyers.

Our Mission Statement

Wilson Combat strives to lead in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of the world’s finest firearms and firearms accessories. In doing so, we will continue to improve product quality and the outstanding customer service philosophy that has guided Wilson Combat since its inception.


Let’s face it – we live in a volatile world. Urban snipers, armed robberies, home break-ins, unprovoked attacks – as responsible citizens, we need to be ready and capable of providing for our own defense. Thankfully, our founding forefathers understood this, and provided protection of our right to keep and bear arms – the second amendment to our constitution.

Now the second amendment is under attack, with renewed fury, by those who think only the government should have weapons. Many organizations are working every day in Washington D.C., and in every state in the Union, to help protect the majority of our country from the minority who would strip us of our second amendment rights. The leader in the fight to keep our rights is, and has been, the National Rifle Association.

Every employee of Wilson Combat is a member of the National Rifle Association; many of us are life members.

Your customers can be an NRA member too just by purchasing a Wilson Combat firearm. If they’re already a member we can help them extend their membership.

We will provide a one year membership for every customer who makes a qualifying purchase*, and help you support the NRA. If the purchaser is not currently a member we’ll sign them up for a one year membership, if they’re already a member we’ll extend their membership for an additional year at our expense.

* QUALIFYING PURCHASE. The retail purchase of any Wilson Combat firearm for $1300.00 or more.

Instruction Manual (PDF) Coming Soon