Recon SR Tactical

The Recon SR (Suppressor Ready) is the ideal package for a tactical shooter who wants the shortest possible suppressed AR-15 rifle that isn’t classified as an NFA registered weapon. The Recon SR has an extra long 14.0” TRIM rail for a seamless mating to our Whisper Suppressor and extra real estate for your preferred rail mounted accessories. The Recon SR has a 14.7” medium weight barrel that is ideal for a high rate of fire and features a permanently mounted Rapid Thread attachment that attaches to our Wilson Combat Whisper Suppressor. A permanently attached Accu-Tac flashider is available for locales where owning a suppressor is not an option.

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  • Forged 7075 Upper (Flat Top) and Lower Receiver

  • Wilson Combat Recon Tactical Match Grade Barrel (with M4 Feedramps)

  • Mid-Length Gas System with Lo-Profile Gas Block

  • Rapid-Thread Muzzle Brake

  • Wilson Combat T.R.I.M. Rail - 13.8"

  • Bravo Company Manufacturing Pistol Grip

  • BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle (Mod 4)

  • Wilson Combat Tactical Triggerguard

  • Rogers/Wilson Super-Stoc

  • Wilson Combat TTU (Tactical Trigger Unit) Single Stage, 4#

  • Premium Mil-Spec Bolt and Bolt Carrier, MP Inspected, NP3 Coated

  • Mil-Spec Hard Anodize Finish on Upper / Lower Receivers

  • Armor-Tuff® Finish

  • Caliber and Barrel Configurations

    Caliber Barrel Options
    5.56mm 14.7", 1-7 Twist, Stainless
    6.8 SPC 14.7", 1-11 Twist, Stainless
    300 BLK 14.7", 1-8 Twist, Stainless
    7.62x40 WT 14.7", 1-12 Twist, Stainless

    Popular Options & Upgrades

    Raddlock Magazine Lock Button AR Upgrade for California Residents

    To help our customers maintain compliance with California law we are offering the Raddlock Magazine lock as an upgrade to Wilson Combat Custom AR Rifles sold in that state.

    The AR Raddlock Magazine Lock Bullet Button provides a unique two-position operation making it one of the most flexible designs available for use on California legal AR rifles and is precision machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum with hard coat anodizing.

    Position 1 acts in the same way as any of the other bullet button locks in that the magazine can only be removed with the use of a tool.

    Position 2 allows the AR Raddlock to be activated with a press of the finger, just like a standard magazine release button. Position 2 is perfect for shooting outside of California or when using a .22 rimfire upper. Never use position 2 inside California with a centerfire upper and any banned features installed on your rifle as that would construct a banned assault weapon and is punishable by California law.


    This lock kit has NOT been approved by CA DOJ. This magazine lock has been designed to conform to the law as written in CA Penal Code § 12276.1 (a) which defined ""detachable magazine"" as any ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm with neither disassembly of the firearm action nor use of a tool being required. Title 11 CCR § 5469 (a) ""A Bullet or Ammunition cartridge is considered a tool.""

    Tactical Trigger Unit

    Drop in a match grade, duty ready Tactical Trigger Unit (TTU). It's the easiest and fastest upgrade to almost any AR-15 style rifle.

    TRIM Rails

    Upgrade your AR with the Wilson Combat® TRIM Rail. TRIM (Tactical Rail Interface, Modular) is among the lightest, strongest and most versatile compact free-floating rail systems on the market.

    Wilson Combat Ammunition

    After decades of making the finest guns, we're now making the finest defensive and target ammo for handguns and rifles.