Eric Fuson

Eric Fuson has been a Wilson Combat Shooting Team member since 2006. During this time he has achieved many high rankings in competition. He is IDPA Master Class in SSP, SSR, ESR, and DM in ESP, BUG, CDP and CCP. He also won Master Class USPSA in Limited, Limited 10, Production, and Single Stack Divisions. Eric has two primary firearms that he uses. The first is the CQB Elite in 9mm and 45 with Adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front, 30LPI checkering under the trigger guard, and a standard speed chute magazine well. The second is a custom-built WCP320.

Eric is also the Range Master of Guns of Glory range in Bartlesville, OK. He is a senior member of the Instructor cadre at the Tulsa Defensive Shooting Academy, and has been a professional firearms instructor since 2004.



  • IDPA World Championship - 4th Place SSP Master
  • Oklahoma State IDPA Championship – SSP Division Championship, 1st Place SSP Master


  • Ok State - 1st Master ESP
  • Razorback IDPA - Div Champ ESP
  • IDPA Nationals - Div Champ ESP


  • TX State IDPA - Div Champ SSP
  • OK State IDPA - Div Champ SSP
  • Gulf Coast IDPA - Div Champ SSP


  • Razorback IDPA Championship - Div Champ SSP
  • OK State IDPA - Div Champ SSP
  • Rocky Mountain Regional IDPA - Div Champ SDP


  • The IDPA World Championship ESP 3rd Place Master


  • Razorback IDPA Championship – ESP Division Champion
  • Silver Dollar IDPA championship – ESP Division Champion
  • Oklahoma State IDPA Championship- CCP Division Champion and High overall
  • IDPA Nationals: 4th CCP Overall


  • Great Lakes Regional Championship – ESP Division & title of High Industry Winner.
  • NW Arkansas IDPA Championship –  High ESP and the title High Industry
  • Stars and Stripes IDPA Championship – 1st place ESP Master
  • Washington State IDPA Championship – 1st ESP Master
  • IDPA Nationals –  9th overall finish


  • OK. State IDPA High ESP
  • Mountain Valley Regional IDPA High ESP
  • AR State Championship IDPA High ESP and Most Accurate
  • Badlands IDPA 1st Master ESP and Most Accurate
  • CompTac Republic of TX, IDPA High ESP
  • Mo State IDPA 1st Master ESP, Most Accurate
  • BladeTech Republic of Tx, IDPA High ESP
  • IDPA World Championship. 3rd Master ESP and 6th Overall


  • MVSA IDPA Match, 1ST Master ESP, Most Accurate
  • Arkansas State IDPA Match, High ESP, Most Accurate
  • Single Stack Match, High ESP,  Most Accurate
  • Badland / Oklahoma State Match, High ESP
  • OK Stars and Stripes IDPA High ESP and Most Accurate


  • IDPA Single Stack Match, High ESP
  • Badlands IDPA Match, High ESP
  • Oklahoma State IDPA Match, 1ST Master ESP
  • IDPA Nationals, 2nd ESP Master


  • Nighthawk Custom Challenge, 1st place ESP division champion
  • Badlands OK State Championship, ESP division champion
  • IDPA Single Stack, High ESP
  • IDPA Nationals, 2ND Master ESP


  • Nighthawk Indoor Championship 2nd ESP Master Division
  • MVSA Regional ESP Champion, High Industry, Most Accurate
  • Badlands OK State IDPA Championship ESP Division Champion
  • Single Stack National Championship 10th Place
  • IDPA World Championship 7th Place ESP


  • Oklahoma IDPA Custom Defensive Pistol State Champion
  • IDPA Badlands Regional Championships CDP Division Champion
  • USPSA Single Stack National Championships (placed in the top 16 finishers overall)
  • USPSA Double Tap Championships 3rd Master Limited Division
  • Arkansas IDPA Custom Defensive Pistol State Champion
  • USPSA National Championships 8th Master in Limited Division
  • 1st Place IDPA National Championships (Custom Defensive Pistol)


  • Badlands Regional IDPA Custom Defensive Pistol Division Champion
  • Arkansas State IDPA CDP Division Champion
  • Oklahoma State IDPA CDP Division Champion
  • USPSA Area 4 First Place Master Class Single Stack Division
  • 14th Place Overall at USPSA Single Stack National Championships
  • 3rd Master Single Stack Division at Double Tap Championships
  • Master Class ranking in USPSA Single Stack Division


  • USPSA National Championship 3rd place Limited 10 (A class)
  • AREA 4 Limited 10 Champion
  • IDPA Coastal Bend Challenge CDP Match Champion
  • Badlands Championship 1st place Carbine Side Match (Master/Expert)
  • Badlands IDPA Championship 1st Master CDP
  • Masters IDPA Championships 1st place Master CDP
  • CDP Champion at Sturm’s Indoor Winter Classic
  • 3rd Master Single Stack Division in 2007 USPSA National Championships – 22nd overall
  • Double Tap Challenge Single Stack 1911 High Overall
  • 2nd place CDP Master IDPA Badlands Regional Championships
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