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Bill WilsonBill Wilson

Our History

Bill Wilson has always been infatuated with guns. Originally trained as a watchmaker, he has been in the firearms industry since 1974, starting out with a retail store called Sportsman's Headquarters in Berryville, Arkansas. Since that humble beginning, he has built Wilson Combat into the largest and most successful custom firearms company in America.



The 1911

Since 1977 Wilson Combat has been the leading innovator in high-performance, custom 1911 handguns, tactical long guns, and accessories. A Wilson Combat product’s unmatched level of exceptional reliability and peerless craftsmanship is only equaled by our legendary customer service. 

We have over 45 years of experience as champion competitors, gunsmiths, parts manufacturers, and industry–leading experts on the use and application of the 1911 handgun. Our founder Bill Wilson has guided Wilson Combat from a small one-man gunsmithing operation to the International leader in custom handgun development and production with one driving goal–overall quality from manufacturing to customer service after the sale. Our well–equipped, modern facility in Berryville, AR contains CNC machining, gunsmithing, test fire, and finishing all at one location to ensure that we maintain this sharp focus on excellence.


All 1911 handguns are 100% BulletProof® construction—with all parts CNC precision machined from bar stock or forgings—a Wilson Combat industry first. Unlike our competitors, our custom pistols are always evolving to take advantage of the latest advancements in firearm technology and design. We only use 100% American-produced components in our custom firearms and refuse to use imported MIM or cast parts in our 1911’s.


All Wilson Combat custom 1911 handguns go through a rigorous quality control checklist and extensive test-fire and targeting process by professional shooters to guarantee your pistol is properly adjusted, shoots reliably, and accurately and the sights are regulated to point of aim—another Wilson Combat exclusive. It is not uncommon to fire up to 100 rounds or more per gun during the test fire and targeting process.


Wilson Combat Custom 1911 handguns are built to order by a team of specialist gunsmiths who collaborate on each part of the build process to ensure rigid quality control.  Our gunsmiths are among the most experienced in the industry with many over 25 years of service hand-building custom 1911 pistols. Over 45 years of experience have shown us that this proven, team-building philosophy builds more consistent, higher-quality custom guns than a single gunsmith approach. This is the same philosophy used by European, ultra–high–grade, bespoke custom gunmakers for centuries.

Final Finish

After final fitting, all Wilson Combat Custom 1911 handguns are completed in our shop by our final finishing department to ensure that appearance and finish quality is even, free of blemishes, and is as cosmetically perfect as possible.


45th Anniversary CQB45th Anniversary CQB
Wilson Combat logoWilson Combat logo

More Than Just 1911s


Since 1999 we have been building custom AR rifles with guaranteed reliability and accuracy from the best parts available. Our Wilson Combat Custom AR barrels are all machined in–house from our match-grade domestic blanks so we can guarantee sub 1” performance.

Our exclusive billet receivers are produced on CNC machines to tight tolerances in-house by our skilled machinists.  Most major small parts like gas blocks, muzzle devices, scope mounts, and more are produced in-house by our CNC machinists to ensure quality control. Major assemblies like bolt carrier groups are sourced from the best Mil-Spec contractors. All AR rifles are completed in our shop by our extensively trained finishers.

Finally, all Wilson Combat AR rifles are targeted for sub 1” accuracy and guaranteed reliability. Every rifle comes with a signed test target and a padded range case.

Our AR9 stands alone in the 9mm AR market for match-grade accuracy and the ability to use common service pistol magazines from Glock, Beretta, or the Wilson Combat EDC X9. This in-house engineered 9mm AR carbine has raised the bar for 9mm carbine performance.

We offer the widest selection of rifle calibers to suit your needs. From precision shooting to hunting, Wilson Combat has an AR rifle for you. We build a wide array of high-quality, AR parts and accessories from barrels, receivers, handguards, trigger units, and more. By controlling the design and manufacture of these products we can build a more consistent, reliable product for you.


Wilson Combat shotguns are the choice of federal agencies, police departments, and other professionals who use shotguns as defensive tools. We manufacture a full suite of shotgun products and accessories and can build a fine tactical shotgun to your specifications. From machined ghost ring sights to magazine tubes we have a quality shotgun parts solution for you.


Wilson Combat produces a full line of custom quality handgun and rifle ammunition for sport and defense to support our products and the needs of demanding shooters.  Our custom ammunition has been thoroughly evaluated for unsurpassed feed reliability, match-grade accuracy, and low fl ash. Our “Pinnacle” line of defensive ammunition can be relied on for superior terminal performance.

Small Parts

Wilson Combat is a leader in custom 1911 small parts.  The Bullet Proof® line of parts is well known worldwide for enhanced performance and function over standard 1911 parts. Wilson Combat offers a wide variety of small parts, springs, grips, and other 1911 accessories to suit any budget.


The heart of any 1911 pistol is the magazine. Bill Wilson’s extensive experience as a gunsmith and champion shooter reinforced the need for a high-quality 1911 magazine that would feed more reliably, be easy to maintain, and hold up for many years of heavy use. The Wilson Combat 47 series magazine was the result. Almost 30 years later it still stands as the top choice of military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters.

Our extensive line of 1911 magazines will meet any shooting need-our magazines, like our firearms, have been upgraded extensively over the years to take advantage of new advances in technology and design. Our Elite Tactical Magazines in 45 ACP and 9mm are the latest generation of these experience-driven enhancements.



Wilson Combat is proud to service all levels of local and State law enforcement including The Department of Homeland Security, US Border Patrol, HQ SOCOM, US Marshal's Service, US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Diplomatic Security Service, Texas Rangers and many more elite law enforcement and military units worldwide. We are also pleased to support the needs of thousands of law-abiding private citizens in the United States and in many other countries abroad.

Follow Up

After the sale, Wilson Combat has extensive educational materials available to support customers with hundreds of videos on our YouTube page and product manuals available for download.  All 1911’s get “Wilson Combat Supergrade Service” after the sale for life. Our team of seasoned customer service representatives is here to help you in every way possible via phone or email.


All Wilson Combat Custom 1911’s ship with a high-quality padded range bag, 2 Wilson Combat magazines, support materials, a signed QC checklist, a test target, and a free annual membership to the NRA. Another Wilson Combat exclusive.


Friends of Wilson Combat

In our 45 year plus history, we've made quite a few friends along the way.  You can visit some of them by clicking the links below.



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