Wilson Combat Pro Staff

The Wilson Combat Pro-Staff is on the front line of testing, evaluating, and providing field-based reports of Wilson Combat firearms and accessories.  These seasoned shooters, hunters and trainers help us generate real-world performance stats on our products in our constant quest for perfection.

Ed Arrighi

Ed is a lifelong shooter and hunter and started collecting prizes for shooting on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout.  Raised in Northern California, he took his first deer, a Columbian Blacktail at age 12.  In later years, Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, Desert Mule Deer, Coues Deer and finally Whitetail Deer were all successfully pursued.

Ed has hunted across the U.S. as well as Africa, Cuba, Mexico, and Argentina.  Now happily living in Texas, Nilgai has been one of his most sought-after game animals, taking them with everything from AR platform rifles to Stopping Rifles and Double Rifles.

Ed co-owns American Shooting Centers in Houston, Texas, and stays active building and loading for various rifle platforms.  He is also an avid Sporting Clays competitor and ranks as one of the top shooters in the world in the 55+ category and has won numerous Regional, National, and World Championships.  Sponsors include; Beretta, Fiocchi, MEC Trap machines, and Rhino Chokes.  Ed sits as a Board Member on the N.S.S.F. Range Advisory Council.

Will Fennell

Will Fennell started shooting and hunting before he started elementary school in rural South Carolina. His father and grandfather taught him rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting, but started him down the road to not only reloading but also studying bullet performance on game.

Will started his competitive shooting career in his late teens on his college rifle team. Nothing provides a solid foundation in rifle marksmanship like 3 Position Smallbore shooting. Later he transitioned his focus to USPSA, then IDPA. Handgun competition also led to handgun hunting deer and hogs with 10mm 1911’s.

Along the way, Will was exposed to Sporting Clays, which became his career. Sponsored by Krieghoff and Fiocchi, Will is a 14-time member of the USA Sporting Clays team, with many state, regional, national, and international titles. He is a Professional Sporting Clay Association Tour Pro and a full-time shooting instructor. He has his own training/range facility in South Carolina.

Clay target shooting is his business, so rifle and handgun shooting/hunting is a passion that allows for personal enjoyment during his ‘downtime’. Hunting/Shooting/Training with handguns, ARs, and long-range precision rifles occupy virtually every minute that he is not on the Sporting Clays course.

David Kamps

David started hunting at age 10 in the north woods of Wisconsin.  Since that early age, he has had a passion for hunting with firearms and archery equipment. He has harvested several record-class elk,  mule deer,  whitetail deer, and antelope. He also loves shooting pistols and won the New Mexico State IDPA Championship in the ESP Expert class.  He has also won the New Mexico State Mens Unlimited 3D Archery Championship.

Over the years David was an NRA certified firearms instructor and is currently an NRA Benefactor Life Member. David is an engineer and has applied his skills toward product development in the night vision and thermal imaging fields,  developing products to assist other hunters and coordinating to help businesses with what he has learned.

David has a high level of interest and competency in the AR-15 based platforms.  He has harvested over 300 hogs and hundreds of predators. He has built numerous rifles and is a perfect first addition to the Wilson Combat Prostaff team.

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