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The Wilson Combat AR9 Optimized Recoil System is designed to be installed without any modifications, allowing you to easily adjust the action spring weights of your bolt's cyclic rate. 

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The Wilson Combat AR9 Optimized Recoil System is the perfect solution for you if you're looking to customize your bolt's cyclic rate without any trouble. Incredibly easy and safe to install, this system allows you to effortlessly adjust action spring weights giving your gun a superior recoil experience. This system was specially crafted for the Wilson Combat AR9 and other short-stroke, blowback 9mm AR carbines that need reliable performance! With the AR9 Optimized Recoil System, you can adjust your bolt's speed for utmost reliability. It comes with three full-size 1911 recoil springs - 15, 17 and 20 pounds respectively - that will reduce wear on your gun while delivering a softer recoil impulse for faster follow-up shots. This system is perfect when tuning up your firearm for competitive use! Constructed with robust stainless steel and no pins or fasteners that can corrode, the Optimized Recoil System provides a smooth shooting experience. An additional black polymer buffer is included for increased resilience over time as well as three recoil springs to achieve maximum performance even in extended-use scenarios. 

  • High-quality stainless steel construction, drop-in fit
  • Tuneable to your specific ammunition
  • Smoother feel without the grating sound of a standard action spring
  • Three recoil springs (15,17, 20 pound weights) included to tune your gun for your specific load
  • Black polymer buffer cushions the action 2 included. Use 1 now, then replace when buffer is worn or damaged

How to Install the Optimized recoil system:

  • Remove the standard buffer/action spring system and ensure that your buffer tube is clean and free of dents
  • Lightly lubricate metal parts of the Optimized Recoil Buffer System with the oil of your choice
  • Install rear buffer section in the buffer tube followed by the spring-loaded buffer assembly just like a standard AR buffer
  • Reassemble AR9 and hand cycle to ensure you have adequate bolt travel
  • Testfire your AR9 to ensure reliable lockback and function
  • Replace black poly buffer when it becomes swollen or torn

NOTE: We recommend using the heaviest recoil spring that will fully cycle your ammunition and lock back on empty.

More Information
Firearm Type Rifle
Rifle Type AR-9
Caliber 9mm
Manufacturer Wilson Combat
Rifle Part Type AR-9 Carbine and Pistol Parts
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